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This information is for participants who have successfully registered at the Rainbow Games. We can’t wait to see you there!


*All schedules and formats are subject to change depending on last minute changes to entry numbers, length of matches. This is to ensure for a meaningful participant experience and any changes will be communicated with players as soon as possible.

** Turning up late may result in disqualification from the competition. This decision will be at the discretion of the tournament director.

  • Check out the overall Rainbow Games schedule here.

Opening Ceremony: Find out more about the Registration day (Accreditation pick-up and goodie bag) and the Opening Ceremony on Thursday 4 April here.  

Closing Function: Find out more about the Closing Function on Monday 8 April here.  

Things to do in Auckland: There’s lots to explore and enjoy during your time in Auckland. View our list of recommended activities here.


Saturday 6 – Sunday 7 April 2024


The Trusts Arena, 65 - 67 Central Park Drive Henderson Auckland

Getting there
In partnership with:
Auckland Feathers Badminton

The Rainbow Games aim to provide everyone with a meaningful experience, therefore participants can expect to play in round robin groups, before knockout matches begin. The draws will be available on the mornings of the competition. Each match will be the best of three games, up to 21*

The draws for the following disciplines at the Rainbow Games 2024 have now been released. Click below to view:

Categories and Divisions

Badminton at the Rainbow Games offers the following categories and divisions:

  • Open Singles (A, B, C and D)
  • Female-identifying Singles (A, B, C and D)
  • Open Doubles (A, B, C and D)
  • Female-identifying Doubles (A, B, C and D)
  • Mixed Doubles (A, B, C and D)
  • Open refers to all genders and identities.
  • Female-identifying refers to cisgender women, transgender women and non-binary AFAB.


  • A: Extensive tournament and playing experience
  • B: Comprehensive tournament and playing experience
  • C: Recreational with competition/tournament experience
  • D: Recreational without competition/tournament experience

In the event of insufficient registrations for any given competition, we reserve the right to merge competitions or to move participants to another competition.

Tournament directors (from Auckland Feathers Badminton Club) also reserve the right to move players up or down a grade if they are assessed to be entered into a higher or lower grade.

All schedules and formats are subject to change depending on last minute changes to entry numbers, length of matches. This could even be decided on the day of competition. This is to ensure for a meaningful participant experience and any changes will be communicated with players as soon as possible.

Official Badminton Supplier - YONEX

As the Official Badminton Supplier, players can expect tournament-grade YONEX shuttlecocks and coveted prizes for the winners across the grades. Rainbow Games 2024 and YONEX are committed to making the badminton competition at the event a memorable and inspiring experience for participants.  

A YONEX re-stringing machine will be available on site.  

Getting There

Please make sure to arrive in good time before your competition begins. Use this page to find the best ways to get to your venue.

Rules and Regulations
  • Please ensure you're familiar with the official rules of badminton here.   
  • Upon registering to participate, you have agreed to adhere to the Rainbow Games' code of conduct. Click here to view refresh your memory.

Player Accreditation

As we start preparing for your fabulous player accreditation, we're excited to see your names come to life on them! To ensure everyone feels respected and valued, we will be using preferred names alongside surnames. To make sure we can be accurate and respect your identity, please make sure your preferred name is up to date on your YouLi registration form before Monday 11 March 2024.

Your player accreditation will be your ticket into the Opening Ceremony, Closing Function and will remain a garment to wear with pride as we unite at this multisport event.

Information for Spectators

Do you have any friends and whānau interested in coming to watch you at the Rainbow Games? It’s free to watch and we recommend spectators registering their interest to spectate here to save time upon arrival.

Food and Drink

Food and drink options are available at the Trusts Arena.


It’s not too late to purchase Rainbow Games merchandise from our Official Merchandise and Apparel Partner, PURE Athletic. Click here to view the range and buy now.

  • Players must provide their own badminton racket and non-court marking shoes.
  • Tournament grade YONEX Aerosensa 30 shuttlecocks will be used.  


There are no lockers available inside the Trusts Arena. An allocated area will be made available for participant seating only

Late Registrations

There are a limited number of spaces available for badminton at the Rainbow Games. If you are still interested in participating, please email Now that the registration date has passed, entry cannot be guaranteed and enquiries will be managed on a case-by-case basis.

Any Other Questions

Please email

SEE YOU IN 2026!