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Rainbow Games Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland WELLBEING POLICY


This policy applies to everyone who works and volunteers at Rainbow Games including employees, contractors and volunteers. It also applies to all our business activities, and dealings with each other, clients, suppliers, and external stakeholders.


We are passionate about New Zealand and its diversity and want to represent New Zealand in terms of our workforce and the culture we develop.

This policy affirms our commitment to maintaining and enhancing a healthy and well workplace for all of our tangata including a focus on elevating people in under-represented groups.


Our mission is to create inclusive and empowering sports and recreation events that foster active participation, promote Turangawaewae, Mana Motuhake, Hauora and Manaakitanga and to celebrate the diverse rainbow communities in Aotearoa New Zealand, Australia, and the Pacific.


Our vision is to create a future where rainbow communities are empowered and fully included in sports and recreation. By participating in the Rainbow Games events, we envision a society that embraces and supports the diverse identities and expressions of our communities, where all individuals feel safe, accepted, and valued. We strive to build vibrant and inclusive events that promote diversity, equity, and wellbeing, and contribute to a stronger, healthier, and more inclusive future.


We recognise Te Tiriti o Waitangi as Aotearoa New Zealand’s founding document.

The Rainbow Games 24 is committed to upholding the mana of TeTiriti o Waitangi and the principles of Partnership, Protection and Participation.







·        Engaging with our people and ensuring everyone is aware of and understands the policy.

·        Keeping health and wellbeing as a visible priority.

·        Observing the behaviour of employees to ensure adherence to the policy.

·        Proactively and immediately addressing any concerns or issues relating to this policy and to mitigate any risks to ensure the health and wellbeing of all that work at or with Rainbow Games.

·        Acting on any suspected potential breaches to this policy promptly.


·        Complying with and observing all directions from Rainbow Games regarding this policy.

·        Taking all reasonable care for your own health and wellbeing and the health and wellbeing of others.

·        Immediately notifying any actual or potential breaches of this policy to a member of the management team.  


This policy applies to all board members, employees and volunteers at our workplace, and to anyone who comes into our workplace.

We want our workplace to have a positive and healthy culture.  To achieve this, our workplace policies, practices and environments are designed with everyone’s wellbeing in mind.  This policy is framed around the Te Whare Tapa Wha hauora model, which identifies a holistic conceptualisation of wellbeing.  The four dimensions are tahatinana, wairua, whanau and hinengaro, grounded in whenua.  Should one of the four dimensions be missing or in some way damaged, a person, or a collective may become ‘unbalanced’ and subsequently unwell.[1]

[1] https://www.health.govt.nz/our-work/populations/maori-health/maori-health-models/maori-health-models-te-whare-tapa-wha



Physical growth and development are essential for maintaining good physical health, complemented by the aspects of mind, spirit, and family. Taha tinana underpins the kaupapa of the games where we encourage everyone (participants, spectators, officials, staff) to be ‘physical’ within their means and inclinations. The games provide a welcoming and safe space to be your authentic physical self.


Focusing on nurturing and reinforcing your physical well-being will empower you to navigate the challenges of both work and life more effectively. When you're in good physical health, it positively influences your mental well-being. Optimal physical well-being enables you to concentrate on your tasks (mahi) and take the lead in supporting your colleagues (hoamahi) to lead healthier lives as well.
Nourishing your taha tinana 

We encourage you to support your taha tinana by:

·        Picking one thing that you could do to improve your taha tinana. For example it could be eating more fruit and vegetables, quitting smoking, walking each morning before work.

·        Kai is important to nourish our bodies. Learn some new recipes or hold a masterchef challenge within your whānau .

·        Get involved in a social sports team or volunteer in a beach clean up.

·        Allocate some time to perform a body scan, identifying areas of tension that may require release.


Spiritual Health relates to unseen and unspoken energies which are the lifeforce of a person. A traditional Māori analysis of physical manifestations of illness will focus on the wairua or spirit, to determine whether damage here could be a contributing factor. The games provide opportunities for physical movement as a pathway to healing wairua.  Healing can come as a result of taha tinana and also as an awareness of being part of a collective celebrating its presence and proudly inviting membership.


Spirituality means different things to everyone and involves finding activities and things that bring meaning and purpose to life. It can involve cultural connectors like whakapapa (genealogy), atua (ancestors), karakia (prayer) and tikanga(custom).  It can also be celebrating who and what we are, our roots and background and our aims for the future. Nourishing taha wairua is a journey for each of us and can be nurtured by activities which give us contentment or enable us to reflect on what makes us happy.  

Nourishing your taha wairua

We encourage you to find some things that help you:

·        spend time in te taiao (nature) – go for a bushwalk, swim in a river, walk on the beach or simply stop to smell the roses

·        catch up with family or whānau

·        do things that connect with and celebrate your culture

·        ground into your whakapapa – visit your maunga, awa, ūkaipō or marae

·        give yourself permission to reflect and evolve

·        learn what keeps you feeling calm, peaceful and content

·        gather new skills – studying helps you develop and grow your knowledge and mātauranga

·        ask someone you admire to be your mentor ortuakana.


The capacity to belong, to care, and to share where individuals are part of wider social systems as whānau provides us with the strength to be who we are. This is the link to ancestors, the ties with the past, the present and the future and where these connections contribute to our health.

Connected strongly to taha wairua, the event provides a true whānau experience.  It encourages us to be who we are with pride and aroha, surrounded by our special whānau and in remembrance of those who came before us and helped to pave the way. The games encourage behaviours which support pride and belonging by specifically including calls to respect the rights, dignity and worth of all participants, regardless of age, ability, health status, sexual orientation, gender identityor expression, race or ethnicity, including nationality language or beliefs.

Nourishing your taha whānau

To support your taha whānau we encourage you to:

·        Connect with your whānau, work whānau or community whānau by holding a picnic or BBQ

·        Get involved in your wider community by helping those in need or neighbours who live alone and need some assistance. Look at joining Neighbourly to find out what is happening your local area.

·        Reach out to a whānau member or friend you have not spoken to in a while.

·        Volunteer with your whānau or friends in something that relates to a particular interest or passion of yours.

·        Help others in need. This might be through baking or meals, gardening or just being there to listen.


The ability to communicate, think, and experience emotions highlights the inseparable connection between the mind and body. Thoughts, feelings, and emotions are integral components that intertwine the realms of the body and soul. Implicitly associated with all of the above dimensions, taha hinengaro is a key focus for the games as the mental health outcomes for rainbow youth and others in our communities is concerning and needs to improve.  The games exist to provide social inclusion and engender pride in who we are.  The outcomes are aimed at improving mental health outcomes for our whānau and positive and respectful interactions are required of participants, sports managers staff, and volunteers.


You can do a lot to support your own mental wellbeing by:

·        Taking time out for yourself each day. It could be a walk around the block during lunch time or dancing to your favourite song.

.        Giving compliments to someone each day

·        Speaking up about any bullying, harassment, or discriminatory behaviour you notice happening in our workplace.

·        Create a gratitude journal that you write in daily or weekly.

·        Taking your own steps to stay mentally healthy at work (eg taking rest breaks, speaking up if stressed)

Mental wellbeing

Our workplace has a role in promoting, protecting and supporting our employees’ and volunteers’ mental wellbeing.  We recognise the experience of mental distress is common and that anyone can be affected at any stage of their lives.We are committed to supporting any employees experiencing mental distress.

If you are experiencing distress, we will do as much as we can to help you to stay at work and/or support your return to work when you are ready. Any health conditions or disabilities will be treated in confidence. We will never share any information about you unless you have agreed to it, and only to ensure your wellbeing and safety and that of those around you.

We will promote good mental wellbeing by:

·        Encouraging a culture of openness – you can speak up about any concerns at any time and know you will be heard.

·        Making sure you feel supported to seek help for any issues or distress, including using our conflict resolution processes.

·        Making sure you understand what is expected of you at work or volunteering – in your tasks and acceptable behaviour.

·        Checking in with you at agreed times to ensure your workload is manageable, and to discuss any issues.

·        Offering flexible work practices wherever possible and/or legally required.

·        Supporting opportunities for professional skills development and growth.

·        Employing and promoting you based on your abilities, rather than any perceived disabilities.

·        Not tolerating bullying, harassment, or discriminatory behaviour.

To maintain a mentally healthy workplace we will encourage thefollowing positive actions by:

·        Consulting with you and other staff about what workplace wellbeing means to you, and what initiatives you might like.

·        Providing contact details for support services you can access easily and discreetly

·        Encouraging you to take breaks, both to rest and to connect with others

·        Regularly supporting mental health and wellbeing initiatives, such as Mental Health Awareness Week

·        Encouraging you to get outside during breaks, which is good for your physical and mental wellbeing.

Help finding support

There may be times you need support to deal with difficult issues or to help someone close to you deal with theirs. If you need support we will:

·        encourage you to ask for help as early as possible to reduce the chances of problems growing - all disclosures will be treated confidentially

·        do what we can to help you find the support you need

·        allow you time off work to deal with issues, as set out in the sick leave section of your employment or volunteer agreement

·        encourage you to seek appropriate help if you know or strongly suspect an employee might harm themselves or needs help – or if you need help yourself.

You could also find support by:

·        talking to your manager or a colleague for advice and support

·        going to see your doctor or another health professional

·        calling or texting 1737 to talk to a trained counsellor. This service is completely free and available 24/7.

·        calling 111 if there is an immediate crisis.


Rainbow Games Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland is a not-for-profit association.


Contact us at kiaora@rainbowgames.co.nz

ReviewPeriod:                                                   Annually

Last dateReviewed:                                         January 2024

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For further explanations or recommendations to this policy please refer to management

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