about the OUTreach prograM

The Outreach Program focuses on ensuring that barriers faced by potential LGBTQI+ participants of the Rainbow Games 2024 can be overcome.  Barriers include financial difficulties, discrimination and/or marginalisation in the country they reside.  At this point, countries include Aotearoa New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific Islands (Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia).  

This contributes to the games’ vision, mission and values to enhance social inclusion for our communities and especially important for potential participants from countries which are not accepting of LGBTQI+ identities. Equally, our communities in Aotearoa New Zealand can learn and grow from meeting and playing with Rainbow people’s from around Oceania. 


To be eligible to apply for the Outreach Program Rainbow people must: 

·       Identify as queer or LGBTQI or gender or sexuality-diverse. 

·       Be planning to play in a current competition of the Rainbow Games 2024 in Tamaki Makaurau Auckland. 

·       Come from a country or area in Oceania only whose laws or social attitudes disadvantage or marginalise members of therainbow communities. 

·       Are suffering financial or social hardship. 

·       Have values which align with the values of the Rainbow Games 2024. 

Legal entities may make application on behalf of individuals.  These entities include incorporated societies, registered companies, and trusts. 
Applications not meeting any of these criteria will be declined for funding on eligibility grounds. 

Applications must be received by 12 noon on Wednesday 17 January 2024. Applications should be completed either electronically or physically (and scanned) to outreach@rainbowgames.co.nz. Applicants will be informed on or before 7 February 2024

fund objectives & outcomes

Funding will be put toward the participant costs who can demonstrate alignment with the outcomes of the outreach programme.   

Fund Objectives 

The RainbowGames 24 Outreach Programme supports potential participants, (both individuals and teams), by helping create opportunities for disadvantaged and/or marginalised Rainbow people to attend and compete in the event.  We can do this by: 

·      Funding full or partial registration fees for a chosen sport for an individual, team or partial team 

·      Funding travel, transport and accommodation costs for an individual, team or partial team 

·      Funding respite or care costs for dependents of participants, either playing individual or team sports 

·      Funding sports equipment, uniforms or other miscellaneous kit 

·      Support legacy activities arising fromRainbow people’s participation in the event and potential to play in subsequent games. 


The OutreachProgramme is limited to on-site support in Aotearoa New Zealand as well astravel to and from the event, including all related formalities. Money is not paid directly to participants but will be paid for the services required.  

As the funds for the Outreach Programme are limited, a selection process based on clear criteria defined below will be used. Unfortunately, not all applicants can besupported, and the following criteria will be applied: 

·     The applicant is from a region or country whose laws or social mores disadvantage or marginalise Rainbow people and communities. 

·      The applicant faces significant hardship and can evidence that they need financial assistance to attend and participate. 

·      The applicant identifies with a queer identity or group which is under represented or excluded in relation to other Rainbow individuals, groups or communities. 

The applicant can evidence that inclusion in sport at the games will enhance their sense of socialinclusion and benefit their mental and physical well-being.


·      Entities or organisations 

·      People aged under 18 years of age at thestart date of the event 

·      People outside of the geographic areaindicated in the above Oceania map 

how to APPLY

Complete the application form by clicking on the link below.

 In the meantime, if you have any questions, please contact outreach@rainbowgames.co.nz