January 24, 2024

Rainbow Games 2024 Announces YONEX as official Badminton Supplier

Press Release
Rainbow Games 2024 Announces YONEX as official Badminton Supplier

Rainbow Games 2024 is proud to announce an exciting new partnership with YONEX, a global leader in sporting equipment and innovation. YONEX has been named the Official Badminton Supplier at the highly anticipated Rainbow Games 2024, slated to take place in Auckland from 4-8 April 2024, with the badminton scheduled to take place on Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 April.


This partnership marks a significant milestone for both Rainbow Games 2024 and YONEX, combining their shared commitment to promoting excellence and inclusivity in the world of badminton. As the Official Badminton Supplier, players can expect tournament-grade shuttlecocks and coveted prizes for the winners across the grades (A, B, C and D).


The Rainbow Games, an inclusive multi-sport event, celebrates diversity and unity through sports. Participants will gather in Auckland to compete in various disciplines, and badminton is set to be a highlight of the event, given the sport’s large rainbow presence across Australia and NewZealand. YONEX has a rich history of supporting badminton across all levels, encouraging more people to pick up a racket and embrace the dynamic and fun sport.


"We are thrilled to welcome YONEX as our Official Badminton Supplier at the Rainbow Games 2024. Their reputation and commitment to inclusivity aligns seamlessly with our mission to create a truly inclusive and memorable sporting event. We look forward to a successful partnership that will elevate the badminton competition to new heights", said Rainbow Games 2024 Event Director, Tom Leonard.


"We are honoured and enthusiastic about being named the Official Badminton Supplierfor Rainbow Games 2024. At YONEX, we believe in the power of sports to unite and inspire people of all backgrounds. We look forward to contributing to the success of Rainbow Games 2024 and creating lasting memories for participants. Together, let's make this event truly unforgettable." says Michael Fariman, YONEX Brand Manager


Rainbow Games 2024 and YONEX are committed to making the badminton competition at the event a memorable and inspiring experience for participants. Stay tuned for more exciting updates as we count down to this historic event in Auckland in April 2024.


Register to participate in the badminton at www.rainbowgames.co.nz/sports/badminton


Find out more about the Rainbow Games 2024 at www.rainbowgames.co.nz

Be sure to follow YONEX on their social platforms:

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Yonex.AUSNZ/

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/yonexbadminton_ausnz/

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