January 21, 2024

Staying Safe At The Games

Press Release
Staying Safe At The Games
Sun rays can hurt the gays!

Even in April, New Zealand's sun can still be harsh, so be sure to lather up before you play.

Hydrate, even if you're straight!

Bring your favourite water bottle as drinking water can be found at all our venues. However, if you prefer that bougie bottled water, all our venues will have water for sale too.

Protein for the team!

As the same with any sport, sometimes you may need some protein to keep going. Luckily, food and drink is available to purchase at each venue we have.

Rain, rain, go away!

As well as the heat of the Autumn sun, the rain is never that far behind. Be prepared for rain in any of our outdoor games with a jacket, hoody, umbrella hat or however you like to stay dry. And we'll keep working on manifesting for no rain on the courts!

You won't lose with good shoes!

Don't forget your shoes. This isn't a 'no shirt, no shoes, no service' place, but it could cost you your chances of winning. If you’re playing indoors – be sure to wear your non-court-marking shoes. A comfortable shoe is a player’s best friend, they can prevent injuries, give you grip and even mask pesky odours! So come prepared with your best covered up foot forward.

No tomfoolery with that jewellery!

During sports, it is important to be cautious of jewellery, watches, and any other items that could potentially get caught during physical activity. It is generally recommended to minimize accessories while playing, but it is always best to check the specific sport's rules before participating.

Consider the cost of getting lost!

We know that some of you will be making your own way there, so prepare a little extra time on your journey just incase of any wrong turns, roadworks, or Auckland's infamous road cones.

stay up-to-date on all things Rainbow Games. See you in Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland in 2024!